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Join the Best Online Blackjack Tables at

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Europa Casino is one of the very few Online Casinos that has foreseen the growing popularity of Black jack games. Blackjack is known for being a game in which player’s decisions have a significant impact on results. Whether you win or lose is not strictly a matter of luck. is now offering an amazing and impressive array of blackjack games, including live Blackjack, Blackjack Surrender, Duel Blackjack 21 and Progressive Blackjack (with a jackpot).

When you choose to play on Europa Casino, you make the choice of playing on a safe and acclaimed online casino.

Many online casinos are successful in reproducing the real-world casino atmosphere. But the challenge is to combine the quality of the games with a quick and efficient payment process, a fair payout percentage, a high return-to-player rate and irreproachable customer service.

Europa Casino adheres to these high standards by providing fair, fast and reliable payments to players; employing the highest quality software provided by Playtech Company (guarantee of security and fair-gaming).

The most successful Blackjack version is for sure Progressive Blackjack, wherein players can win money in addition to that which is earned before the dealer. You will win the jackpot if you have a hand with 4 aces.

The Biggest Progressive Blackjack jackpot in the gambling industry can be won on, with an amount of 170,000 Euros currently available. In order to maintain a high level of wins, refills the pot with several thousand Euros each time the progressive pot is won.
Thus, a player may still win big even if another player has recently won the Progressive jackpot.

To satisfy its Blackjack players, has recently signed a partnership with « Elitechallenge », a unique gaming website focused on special tournaments. is organizing online Blackjack tournaments for several leading online casinos.

Thanks to these innovations and its reputation as a fair and trustworthy gaming destination, remains the number one European gambling website!

EuropaCasino is now available in Portuguese as well as in Romanian.

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